Questions & Answers

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1. Why was the old "Church Finder" removed from

The ability to search for parishes was replaced by better functionality at There were several reasons why this decision was made:

  • The search function is much faster at It is also much more forgiving; You may type partial words or phrases like "st" or "churc" and still receive accurate results. In fact, it's best if you limit the word(s) or phrases first, then locate the record you were looking for in the narrowed results. For example, if you wanted to find "Church of the Holy Nativity, Rockledge" among all Organizations, you could just type "nav" or "rock" in the search field, and then choose between the remaining few records.
  • To separate the visual map from the search results. When using the old "Church Finder" you had to wait for the markers to load on the map before being able to use the search field. For those with slower connections, it took too long to complete a simple task of searching for a parish by name. The map is still available, but has been placed on a separate tab so that the organizations and search results can be displayed much faster.
  • The data is now linked directly to the diocesan database. In fact, you are actually searching the live database itself! Since the database is updated daily by both the members and the database administrator, you have access to the most up-to-date data available at all times.

2. At all Organizations are mixed together... I just want to see a list of all the churches!

You can easily filter the list of organizations by choosing a "group". For example, click on the type "Parish" in the sidebar. Only Parishes will show in the search results, and the green status bar under the search field will tell you how many Parishes are in the database. Click on "Parish" again to turn off the filter.

3. Can I still see churches on a map?

Yes, the map is still available at Click on the "Show map" button underneath the search field to show organizations on a map.